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1 October 2015

Winner of the Stylecraft Draw

Good morning my hooky friends!
What a fun day yesterday was
 with 1330 of you entering the draw
 to win the limited edition colour pack from 

Today it is my pleasure to announce
that the winner is

Emma Smith-Horne
 from the UK

Congratulations to Emma, 
Stylecraft will be in touch with you
 and you will soon be the lucky owner of the 10 new shades!

If you would like another chance to win
remember that the blog tour continues and today you can visit
 to see what she has been making
 and have another chance at winning!

Happy hookin!


30 September 2015

The Stylecraft Blog Tour ~ The Paintbox Blanket

Welcome to day 6 of the Stylecraft Blog Tour!

Just in case you've missed what's going on . . . . .
a few months ago there was a competition
 to create a new shade of Stylecraft Special DK.

The lovely people at Stylecraft Yarns
 have produced a limited edition pack
 of the winning shade duck egg and 9  runners up!
 To launch the colour pack we are having a blog tour. 
If you missed yesterdays post you can visit
Phil at The Twisted Yarn

Behind the scenes here at Patchwork House
it's been oh so exciting as
 I've been working on a secret project
 with the new shades.

Imagine my delight when this gorgeous package arrived!
Wow its been so so hard
 not being able to share any photos of my work!

Enter the draw to win this pack! See details below!

As you all know I am a colour artist
 and have made sample squares
 of all my favourite Stylecraft Special DK shades.

I used a small solid granny squares for this,
 nice and plain and simple.
 You can find the pattern for this HERE

I have been enjoying ombre crochet recently
so my first thoughts were to find out where the new shades
 fitted into my existing colour palette.

These 10 new shades are available in a special pack
 of 50g balls and will be for sale from 13th October 
for a limited period only.
 The 10 shades (from the top clockwise) are

 mustard, grass green, boysenberry,
 duck egg, kelly green,
 empire, pistachio, lobelia,
  fuchsia purple and cypress.

I was like a child in a sweet shop and still am
 enjoying much time oooohhhhing and ahhhhhhing as I
 play with my new colour palette. 

As I know many of you hooky friends
 will also appreciate this information here are my findings.
 I have labelled the existing colours on the left
 and the 10 new shades on the right
so that you can see easily where they fit in.

I then made more colour palettes enough to suit my project

I have also taken this opportunity to introduce you to 
another new shade tomato
soon to be available in the shops in October.

So what to make . . . . .
well you can't beat a granny!

I decided to keep the crochet simple
 and let the colours do the talking.
So I made 9 large granny squares
 using the colour sequences shown above
 with silver as a neutral background.
(Please note all my patterns and tutorials use English crochet terms)
I used a 3.5mm hook as this suits my tension
 and each square measures approximately 29cm.

I am often asked how I make a granny square
 and how I get them so perfectly square.
There is a trick and you will find it all
in my granny square tutorial

This was so much fun just playing with colours
I was just like a child with a new paintbox!

For the joining I decided to use even more colour
and chose a different new shade for each of the joining rows.

I always crochet my squares together
 as it makes a really strong join which will never come undone.
You will find my tutorial on joining squares from the front

Finally I added a single round of double crochet in a colour
 to frame the blanket and another round of double crochet in the silver. 
Then a simple edging was all that was needed to complete it.

You will find the instructions for my Simple Edging

This blanket is guaranteed to make anyone smile
. . . it is happiness and colour therapy in a blanket!

The finished blanket measures approximately 90cm square
and would be ideal for a toddler's story time snuggle blanket
or a baby play mat.


I hope this inspires you to have a go at playing with colour.
If you would like a chance to
 win a colour pack of these new shades
 you can enter a draw for the readers of my blog

this is open for today only Wednesday 30th September from 10am UK time 
and is open to anyone anywhere in the world!

To have another chance of winning why not continue on the blog tour tomorrow
 and see what my hooky friend Angie at Le Monde de Sucrette has been making
You can visit her blog 

Wishing you all lots of colour fun this week on the Stylecraft blog tour
come back tomorrow to find out who has won today's pack of yarn!



9 August 2015

The Photographer's Blanket 2015

 Back in summer 2014
 I had the pleasure of designing a special colourful granny blanket
 for a photographer to use in her work with children. 

It gives me great pleasure to work with customers
 and discuss a special make to suit their needs.
 Lorna wanted something traditional
 that would be suitable for boys and girls.

I am so proud and excited to see my blanket
 in these beautiful photographs
 and am wishing I had young children again
 to have her photograph my family!

 is based in the Cardiff area
 but will travel to take your photographs.
This week I am delighted to have been featured
 on her Facebook Page

Photography by Lorna

Yet again I am pleased to be working with Lorna
 and this year she has commissioned me
 to make her a traditional granny squares blanket.

The colour recipe she has chosen is
in denim cloud blue grey silver and white.

This is going to make a lovely blanket
 with a timeless quality and vintage feel.

I like to make my squares in batches,
 doing the same colour on each square,
 I find this increases my production rate
 and makes best use of my time as it saves changing colours.
Then I will have a session at the end of sewing all the ends in.

All the squares will be the same
 and they will be joined with silver using the 

For those of you who ask
 how to make a perfect granny square
 you may like to read my tutorial

Do watch on Facebook and Instagram
 for daily updates as I make 
and come back next week
 to see how this blanket is progressing.

Happy hookin friends



6 August 2015

Corner to Corner Blanket

This summer I have discovered a new love . . . corner to corner stitch.
Using just uk trebles and chains
 this blanket is so easy, incredibly fast
 and it has the most wonderful close texture.
Another huge bonus is there are no calculations involved,
 no counting and no starting chain needed!

My son
 who has just graduated from University and qualified as a teacher,
 has moved from a shared student house
 into his first bachelor pad this summer.
 A house warming present was needed fast
 so I dug out the ever so popular grey blanket pack
and rustled this up in no time!

Grey Blanket Colour Pack for sale here

If you too like this colour pack
 you will be interested to know that it is for sale
 at Deramores for your convenience!
How easy to buy with just 1 click
 instead of having to make all those selections! 

I used the wonderful pattern by Sue over at
It is a free pattern called Spring into Summer
 and can be found on Ravelry
Many people use random or self striping yarn for this
 but as a colour artist
 the pleasure for me is creating my own colour recipes.
  I have chosen to work in stripes using 2 rows of each colour and
I have used a random colour order that does not repeat.

You begin working in the corner
and increase at both ends of each row.
As a mathematician this is incredibly pleasing to me!
 Just look at those perpendicular sides!
Keep going until the blanket reaches your desired width
 and you will have created an isosceles triangle
 which is of course half of a square.

Working in 2 rows of each colour
 it creates a lovely geometric pattern rather like a brick wall.
The texture that develops is an added bonus and attraction to the blanket.
It is really thick and one of the warmest blankets I have ever made!

Now if you want a square blanket that is easy,
 keep working till you reach the desired width
 then follow the pattern instructions and decrease next.
This will now make the triangle go smaller
 and you will complete your square.

To make the blanket rectangular
1 ~  increase at each end of each row until you have the desired width
2 ~ then work straight keeping both ends of each row the same
until you have the desired length
3 ~  now decrease at each end of each row to complete the final corner

Of course there are lots of ends to be sewn in when making is complete!
 I actually enjoy this and think of it as an evening of embroidery! 
The final blanket is certainly pleasing and a real reward for your labours!

Every blanket needs a border to set it off.
As this is a man blanket I wanted a geometric pattern
 to compliment the shapes made by the corner to corner stitch.
 So I came up with this triangular pattern and am pleased to share it with you.

Border Pattern (using UK crochet terms)

1 ~ 1 round of dc
2 ~ 3 chain then in next 4 stitches 1 treble, 1 half treble, 1 dc, 1 slip stitch 
3 ~ repeat all the way round and fasten off.

I have definitely had the c2c bug the last few weeks!

Rainbow colours were calling to me
and I played with a little square baby blanket
creating an ombre effect.
To make a slightly deeper border on this blanket
 I added a round of trebles after round 1.

Another experiment found me making a c2c
 using single rows of each colour! 
What a different look this creates.
I wasn't sure if I liked it at first
 but the final blanket was pleasing and sold fast in my

However the ends were another story
and needless to say I wont be going there again!

So 2 rows of each colour
is my suggestion for wonderful stripes!

If you have been inspired by my work
and enjoyed my free tips and advice
please consider making a donation to support my crochet journey.
This will enable me to provide more
colour recipes
 and encouragement
 for your pleasure.
To make a donation please use the Paypal button on the sidebar.

Thank you for all the love I have received from around the world.
My health is improving as new medication takes effect
and life has taken on a new pace.
Crochet is wonderful therapy and a great distraction
 to fill many hours as I rest and await a diagnosis.

Sending you all best wishes and hope you are having a happy hooky summer



25 July 2015

Sorry I've been asbent lately

Dear Friends
Thought it about time I popped in to explain my absence

Events here at Patchwork House
 have unexpectedly take a nasty turn
 and I have become very unwell this past few months.
Having struggled with poor health for several years
 I am now receiving good care
 and lots of tests are nearing a diagnosis. 
This is a wonderful relief to know 
that I will be given the correct medication
 to control my symptoms soon.

I have needed a lot of time off work recently
 and have even been away from my hook .  .  . 
so that tells you how bad its been!

I am pleased to say that I have good days
 in between the pain and fatigue
 and am now enjoying crochet again
 but computer time is still limited.

I hope to blog again soon
but in the mean time don't miss out on my photos!
you can keep up with me on


as I post regularly from my phone!

Have a happy hooky weekend


28 June 2015

Mini granny love

Mini granny love!


pattern and texture

and ends ends ends!

This cushion reminds me of Smarties!
(for those of you reading this outside of UK
 they are colourful sugar coated chocolate sweets
enjoyed by children)

I have had sooooooo much fun making this gift

I love the firm texture and wonderful stitch definition of
and the colours are absolutely delightful

The front is made from mini grannies 
and the back is 1 large granny square,

crocheted together with a button fastening
and completed with a scalloped edge.

This cushion made in bright jewel colours has been so popular!
 I've had many requests for a pattern but I made it up as I went!

So to help you all out
 I am planning to write a tutorial this week
 as I make a second one in tropical colours!

100 centres are made
and the large granny for the back is now complete

Do come back next weekend 
and read how I make a mini granny cushion cover

Wishing you all a colourful day

Happy hookin


x x x

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