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18 October 2014

Rainbow Squares

 So now its time for me to grovel and apologise
 and say please forgive me
 for my long absence of 2 months . . .
 school took over my life!
One day soon I hope to be full time at The Patchwork Heart
but until then I have a day job which is very demanding and has to come first!

So the first half term is nearly over
 and I am into the swing of things!

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny days and cooler evenings
 . . . time for candles fairy lights and blankets!
 I've even had my hot water bottle out this week 
which has been the height of indulgence!

So what have I been hookin?
Well if you follow me on IG and FB
 you will have enjoyed this rainbow baby blanket
 but there's nothing like the big pictures on a blog
 so here they are for you to enjoy!

Stylecraft Special DK

oh what a pleasure
hours of fun
playing with colours

I just love the simplicity of these plain sqaures
surrounded with parchment

joined from the back with dc through both loops

the stitch definition is to die for

many happy hours were spent under this little beauty
and I even managed to find a matching mug
 to satisfy my OCD!

this blanket gives me so much pleasure
I will definitely be making more!

For those of you who have asked for a pattern
watch this space!

Lovely to be back blogging
I have set myself the new task of blogging each Saturday now

Happy weekend to you all
enjoy your hooky!


29 August 2014

Back to school

I'm home and normal service will now resume!
Wow what a fantastic holiday we had in Kefalonia
but it was 

yes the sea really was turquoise no edit here!

the people were so friendly and we saw many beautiful things

but just to show you I wasn't idle
I hooked up 2 new scarves for myself
 using the pattern in this months Simply Crochet issue 22

this lovely pink scarf is made in Drops Fabel with a 4mm hook
using 3 x 50g balls and making it larger than the pattern for a bigger wrap

so now its back to school next week . . .
have you smelt it on the air?
there's definitely a nip and the nights are drawing in

I love the changing seasons
and it fills me with excitement
fairy lights candles socks and blankets

yes blankets

my favourite hooky pleasure is blanket making
and so my hooky thoughts are turning to snuggling under blankets
 and making more cosy comforts for my home

I will be back with new blanket makes soon



11 August 2014

Starburst flower baby blanket

Last week
 I showed you the making of a gorgeous set of starburst flowers.
If you missed the rainbow colours do have a read 

as promised here is the finished baby blanket
which is now waiting in its new home for the birth
of a lucky little girl!

I am often asked about the pattern for this blanket
do please read the previous post for pattern details!


x x x

10 August 2014

Afternoon tea

This week has been a week of celebration
 as we marked my step fathers 85th and mothers 80th birthdays

the week begin with a family meal at a local restaurant
where they both enjoyed all the families coming together

then on my Mum's birthday I treated her to a vintage afternoon tea
here at Patchwork House
using my newly collected mismatched vintage china

Oh what a delight it was setting the table
 with such beautiful cups and saucers
and using the hand embroidered table cloths
 that my Mum had made in her youth

at last it was time to give her the blanket I had specially made
Emily's Garden
 has been featured in a previous blog post and you can read about it

Mum is still crocheting every day at the age of 80!
She is a gardener too and so I had created this blanket especially for her
 in her favourite colours.

She was very pleased with the gift
and I was very happy to give it to such a good home
 where I know it will be appreciated!


3 August 2014

Hello August

Goodbye July and Hello August!
Pheww its been hot ... too hot for me,
 but at least we feel that we've had some summer now!

August has arrived with excitement
 as we celebrate the 80th and 85th birthdays of my parents.
This weekend they hosted a birthday meal to celebrate
 and 26 of us joined together in a very special afternoon.
 Mum and I decorated the restaurant with flowers from her garden
 which we love far more than any shop flowers.

I will be giving Mum the special blanket I have made
 on her actual birthday this week
 so do watch next weekend for the big reveal!

Socialising is not really my cup of tea
 and after 2 social events in 2 days today I was exhausted!
 So I took great delight in a much needed
 afternoon of total indulgence and relaxation
 here at Patchwork House.
 I know I'm tired when even crochet is beyond me!

This week I've been busy
 and as well as working on an Elmer blanket and a V stitch blanket
 I've whipped up another set of starburst flowers for a baby blanket.
 This is going to be a beauty joined in cream.
Feast your eyes on these beauties made in my favourite 
in fondant pomegranate shrimp bright pink plum magenta
 lavender turquoise aspen spring green and citron.

This pattern is called starburst or sunburst
there are plenty available on the Internet and there is one
 by Priscilla Hewitt that you can use

This week I will be surrounding these beauties with cream
 and will of course show you the finishes baby blanket next weekend!

I will leave you know with a view of my July

I hope that August brings holidays and relaxation

Happy Hookin!



30 July 2014

Hexie love

Oh how wonderful summer holidays are for us teachers!
It is fantastic to have time to play
 to be me
 to indulge in yarny hooky pleasures!

I as you know am a Mathematician and get so much pleasure from crochet.
The shapes tessellate so perfectly and this gives me an immense sense of satisfaction!

Now the regular hexagon is a 6 sided polygon with equal sides and angles.
It is perfect for hooky creations yet is one I haven't used much at all.
So time to experiment ...

What better on a lazy sunny afternoon than sitting in the sun hooking daisies!
So my hexie making began.
 I didn't have a pattern so set about playing and came up with this!
As a small project a few of these hexies can be hooked up in no time
 and will make a lovely little table mat or runner.
I do love to fill my home with pretties!

 which has fabulous stitch definition
 and is
available in lovely bright summery colours.
 Its is a DK yarn but
 for mats I work with a 3mm hook to give a firmer texture

I must admit that I wasn't sure if I liked my table mat at this point

but it's amazing what a difference a good edging makes!

So yes the table mat stays
 and now has pride of place in Patchwork House!

As I know you will all be asking for the pattern
I have dug out a suitable suggestion from
magazine issue 5 on page 63

I am loving having time to peruse my stash of Simply Crochet magazines. Each time I look I find new patterns that tempt me. I would highly recommend it at £4.99 it is packed with patterns and lovely articles, features inspiration from our favourite hooky writers and bloggers and is always a total joy.
If you are not already hooked on the mag why not take advantage of this special offer which is open to my readers for the month of July, but
 it ends tomorrow!
You can take a trial offer of 3 issues for £5
isn't that fab!!!
Follow the link
and I'm sure you will not be disappointed!

In future I plan to write more patterns and tutorials and provide links for you all to find these easily on my blog. Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments and emails that help inspire me to continue with my work. The Patchwork Heart is moving forward in a new direction this new academic year. As I work full time it does not leave me as much time as I would like for making orders. I will be blogging more to share my work with the aim of encouraging and inspiring. Rather than taking orders I am now moving onto creating for my own pleasure, trying new ideas and patterns and writing and I will be reopening my Etsy shop in 2015.

Have a wonderful hooky summer


26 July 2014

Emily's Garden ~ a blanket of flowers

 This blanket has caused quite a stir
 amongst my followers on Instagram and Facebook, 
so here as promised are some details of how I made 
Emily's Garden.

The blanket is a gift for my mother's 80th birthday.
She loves flowers and is also a crocheter
 so I wanted to create something really special for her.

I used my favourite Stylecraft Special DK
this is so beautiful for blankets.
 It is soft warm and snugly,
 can be machine washed and tumble dried
 and is excellent value at £1.59 for 100g/295m.
It comes in a wonderful choice of 60 shades
and you can buy it

I used
 soft peach, candy floss and pale rose
 lavender, wisteria and clematis
aspen, sherbet and spring green
cloud blue and parchment.

To create a garden
 I decided to use many different types of flowers

the first type was my frequent favourite
the starburst or sunburst flower
I use the starburst pattern by Jane Brocket
 which was in Mollie Makes issue 2
but there are many patterns for the sunburst available on the Internet 

next I wanted to add depth to give the blanket a 3D texture
so  I chose these popcorn flowers
you can find the pattern 

there had to be roses in the garden
and these were such fun to make

this pattern is by Nicki Trench in the book

for more texture I wanted petals
and these little pretties came from
a pattern by Nicki Trench in
Simply Crochet magazine issue 5

so with 80 flowers made for 10 rows of 8
 I was all set to join them into a rectangular throw

and I decided on a random arrangement 
as would be found in a cottage garden.

My favourite method for joining is using the
join as you go technique.
I originally learnt this using the fantastic tutorial from

and developed my own method
 for continuous join as you go
joining the whole blanket without cutting the yarn.
You will notice
 that some are of my flowers are circles and others are squares,
 so to cope with this just make double trebles instead of trebles
 in the corners when joining the circles.

The continuous join method is so fast and easy 
and has the fantastic bonus of no ends to sew in!

I am really pleased with the 3D flowers
and the continuous join as you go
adds another lovely texture to the squares.

Finally a deep border to set off the flowers
 made using block stitch to incorporate some seeds of colour
you can find some instructions

Emily's Garden is complete
 and I cannot wait to gift it to my mother Emily
on her 80th birthday

I'm sorry this is not a complete pattern
 but I am not yet a pattern writer and do not pretend to be!
 However I am happy to share
 my inspiration and the links to the patterns I chose
 so that you too
 may have a go at creating a garden of love.

Happy hookin!


 X X X

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