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my little corner of the world on the NW coast of England, where you will find me addicted to colour and playing with yarn!

22 February 2015

A week at The Patchwork Heart

Oh what an amazing week in the life of 
The Patchwork Heart!

As you know I am a teacher 
 half term is the best ...
 a chance to live my dream
 to be
 full time at The Patchwork Heart
 and this one was amazing!

I began with packing
not the usual kind
but packing blankets
 made from Stylecraft Special DK

where was I going I hear you say

well my first visit was to
in Warrington

They had been so very kind to make me their
 Blogger of the month
 and had featured a lovely interview with me on their blog
you can read it 

  is a craft barn in the countryside near Warrington
 close to the M62 and M6.
They have an enormous stock of yarn, cross stitch and fabric along
 with a lovely tea room!

They have recently become stockists of
so I took along some of my recent creations made in
 to share with them

the red edged flower blanket ~ Stylecraft pattern 9090

the rainbow ripple star ~ by Celeste Young

and the Circle of friends ~ Priscilla Hewitt

I am very pleased to say
 that they were delighted to see how well it makes up. 
They are now selling Special DK
 and I know being able to view and buy this yarn locally
 will now delight many!

I was excited to choose this Sirdar Cotton Dk as my gift
and can already tell you
 that it is a dream to crochet with as it does not split!
I am making flowers for brooches, corsages and bookmarks
 for a little Mother's Day sale in my
Unfortunately the shop is empty at present
 as everything sells so fast when I refill it!
 But do keep watching it will be restocked again soon!

so that was day 1 ... now for day 2!

A day in Yorkshire
 at the beautiful old Slaithwaite Mill
 Head Office to Stylecraft
 was something I could not have even dreamed of!

what a pleasure it was
 to spend a day with lovely people
 talking about colour and yarn and discussing blanket making!

such a treat to spend a day in a world of yarn
this is definitely what I should be doing full time!

As if my visit wasn't perfect enough already
 it was completed with a 
wonderful gift!
just look at this yummy new yarn!
is a new yarn available online only at present.
This is fine merino DK and is available in

so now I have the lovely task
 of finding a special new blanket pattern to make this into!

Then there was day 3

a holiday is not complete without a treat in a tearoom
and a visit to
at Homewood Bound in Ruthin is my favourite

I am very excited to be planning some
 crochet workshops 
here at The Sugar Plum Tearoom.
These will be taking place at Easter and May half term.
For details and how to book visit their
or view their contact details 

So I am now exhausted ... so much for a restful holiday!
 Definitely an inspiring holiday
and something I would like to become accustomed to!

I hope you have all had a great half term too,
 now we will count down to Easter! 
Enjoy the lighter days my friends and keep hookin!



17 February 2015

Community Crochet

Over on Instagram
 there is something very exciting happening!
The lovely ladies in my crochet circle
 have been busy making beautiful flower squares
 for a special community crochet project
The Spring Flower Blanket.

I love the crochet community on Instagram
 where I have made good friends with other like minded ladies
 who work at home enjoying colour and yarny goodness.
To bring us all together
 I decided to organise a community blanket make.

A few months ago
 I set about writing the instructions and launched the sign up.
 I was swamped with interest!
 how wonderful to have so many enthusiastic hooky friends!

Each lady was to make the same size square in
using any pattern with a flower.
I encouraged them to be adventurous and try something new!

The agreed colour palette was
sherbet, cloud blue, lavender, wisteria, clematis, apricot,
soft peach, lemon, saffron, fondant, candy floss,
 pale rose, meadow and spring green.

I chose this yarn
 as it is so affordable, easily washable
 and I know many of the ladies already have it in their stash!

It wasn't long
 before they started arriving at Patchwork House.
Imagine my delight coming home to happy mail like this!

It was such a joy
 to arrive home from school each day
 knowing there would be beautiful flower squares waiting for me

each square has been made with love
 and oh so much talent!

You can follow the progress of this community project at
on Instagram

Many of the ladies
 trialled several squares  before making their final piece

I feel so privileged
 to be the custodian of these beauties

and have spent many happy moments
 ooohhhing and ahhhing
making arrangements of the squares for the blanket!

At last the closing date has come
 and I now have over 120 squares made all over UK.
I'm sure you will agree that these are stunning!

So now my half term pleasure
 is to make the blanket

powered by chocolate
many mugs of tea

joining has now begun.

Working with white as a background to set off all the pretty colours,
 I am using a flat braid join.
 Each square is being edged with 1 round of dc first
 then join as you go.
 I chose this joining method as it is very forgiving
 and will accommodate squares made with differing numbers of stitches.

In a few weeks
 the completed blanket will be won by 1 of the makers. 
This lucky lady has the choice of
 keeping it, gifting it or using it to raise money for charity.

So I'd best get back to my hookin now
 to join a few more squares!

This week is a very special time in the life of
 The Patchwork Heart
as I have been invited to visit the lovely people at

I am so unbelievably excited
can this really be happening to me?!

I will be back with photos at the weekend
keep watching!

happy half term


8 February 2015

Spring Lampshade Makeover

This week has been very exciting!
A while ago
 I was asked to write about my work
 by the lovely people at 

I am so proud to have been featured
 along with many of my crochet friends
in issue 28

The red edging has been completed
 on the Stylecraft 9090 flower blanket and
 I am loving the way it sets it off!

So today I've been playing with something
 for me here at Patchwork House.

This plain old lamp shade
 has been need of a revamp for a while
to compliment the other pretties on my dresser

I followed the advice of the lovely Lucy at
 and was soon hooking away with great speed

I have used
which is beautiful and firm and does not split!
 I love the stitch definition from this yarn
 and cant wait to try out
 the new colours that have been added to the range

so today's fun is complete
 and Patchwork House is now ready for Spring!

I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing Sunday
as I now return to my school work ... 
1 more week to half term and I cant wait!


25 January 2015

Starburst Flowers for Spring

Pink and green 
has been a refreshing change
 on my hook this week!

Oh what a pleasure it is choosing new colours for a blanket!
My Stylecraft shade squares have been out again
 and I've enjoyed playing
 with these little samples of colours immensely.

I have chosen
pale rose
candy floss
soft peach
spring green meadow

My pattern is the starburst flower by Jane Brocket
 which was in Mollie Makes issue 2
 and is also in her book The Gentle Art of Knitting

To increase speed
I make all of round 1 first

then all of round 2

I find this helps my productions rate
 as your fingers and brain remember the stitch pattern
 and there is no time wasted from changing colours
 if you make in batches of the same colour

This pattern is very close
 enabling the ends to be crocheted over
 as you work on round 2 and 3

working in batches helps make sure
 there are an equal amount of each colour too

The next job is to turn the circles into squares
 and for this I am using parchment

I am using the flat braid join on this blanket 
to add more texture
do come back next week to check on my progress!

The colourful flower square blanket
 is now complete
 and waiting for its red border
 here is a lovely daylight shot

Thank you for all your lovely comments
it pleases me much
 to know that my humble little pag
e is an encouragment to many of you!

Happy hookin friends

Heather X X X

18 January 2015

Colour and flowers

Colour and flowers are 2 of my favourite things,
 so imagine my delight
 when I was asked to make a blanket of bright and colourful flowers!
 Immediately I knew which pattern I was going to use
 and set about choosing my colours.

I love to dive into my stash of
and chose
 lipstick shrimp saffron meadow
 spring green sherbet bluebell
 wisteria magenta fondant and pomegranate.

I make a batch of centres first 
and then the flower making fun begins

The pattern I am using is
 Stylecraft 9090

 which is available from Stylecraft retailers
 you can find them

I chose my own colours and my favourite Stylecraft Special DK

I am not using the cream stripes
 as the pattern suggests
 but am making a square of coloured flowers

I'm afraid I don't do random!
I have to plan each row
 to make sure there is an equal spread of colours
 and this makes me happy!

The beauty of this pattern
 is that each flower is made
 and then joined onto the blanket.
 Then its tail is sewn in.
 So the blanket will be finished
 when I get to the last flower,
 no ends to sew in!

My crochet is always accompanied by a cuppa 
and as you know
 I have to match my mug to my work!
Its the little things that make me happy!

My blanket is now 2/3 complete.

When it is a square
 I will finish it off with an outside round
 of red flowers with coloured centres.

Do come back next in a few weeks to see the finished blanket.

Keep warm
 my hooky friends
 have a happy hooky day!



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